Wednesday, March 14, 2018


“Detecting Extraterrestrial Technology: Signals and Artefacts”

 (SETI Institute)


8:00 am           Registration and Breakfast

8:30 am           Bill Diamond and Nathalie A. Cabrol

                        Welcome & Introduction to the Workshop Goals & Objectives

9:00 am          Opening Presentation: Frank Drake* (GP)

                        SETI: Where do We Go from Here?

Chairs:           Frank Drake, Seth Shostak

9:30 am           Jill Tarter* (GP)

                        One Scientist’s View on the History of SETI

10:00 am         Michael Garrett*, A. Siemion, and W.A. van Capellan (WP)

                        All-Sky Radio SETI

10:20 am         Ivan Almar – (Presented by Henrik Hargitai*) (WP)

                        Are Stellar Habitable Zones Really Important Targets for SETI

10:40               Break

11:00 am         Darin Raggozzine* (WP)

                        Transiting Lightcurves as Templates for Intelligent Signals

11:20 am         Ian Morrison* (WP) 

                        Real-Time Wideband Blind Signal Detection for SETI

11:40 am         Randall Wayth*, and I.S. Morrison (WP)

                        Using Moon-Reflected Terrestrial Radio Transmissions to Test SETI Algorithms     

12:00 pm         Ian Morrison*, G. R. Harp, and S. Oslowski (WP)

                        Utilizing Pulsars for Implicit Coordination of the Signaling Time-Base of Interstellar Beacons  

12:20 pm         LUNCH: Panel & Group Discussion

                        Title: SETI’s Next Technological Steps and Missing Links

                        Moderator: Bill Diamond

                        Panelists (TBC):


Wednesday, March 14, 2018:


“Detecting Extraterrestrial Technology: Signals and Artefacts”

(SETI Institute)


2:00 pm          Opening Presentation: Laurance Doyle* (GP)

                        Quantum SETI

Chairs:           Jill Tarter, Laurance Doyle    

2:30 pm           Seth Shostak* (GP)

                        Bio-Friendly Exoplanets: Are they Relevant to SETI?

3:00 pm           Erik Zackrisson*, A. Wehrhahn, and A. Korn (WP)

                        Searching for Dyson Sphere with Gaia

3:20 pm           Robert Citron* (WP) 

                        Clustered Similar Exo-Atmospheres as an Indicator of Terraforming

3:40 pm           Break

4:00 pm           Henrik Hargitai* (WP)

                        Mapping and Classification of Exogeographies Potentially Favoring the Development of Advanced Extraterrestrial Life.

4:20 pm           Ephraim Fischbach* and John T. Gruenwald (WP)

                        NU-SETI: Detecting Extraterrestrial Signals Carried by Neutrinos                        

5:00-6:00 pm Panel & Group Discussion

                        Title: SETI’s Own Messaging: From Perception to Education

                        Moderator:   Andrew Fraknoi

                        Panelists (TNC):

6:30-8:30 pm  Reception at the SETI Institute


Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Coevolution, Intelligence, Consciousness, and Beyond”

 (Who is ET & How to Communicate?)



8:00 am           Breakfast

8:20 am           Nathalie A. Cabrol Goals and Objectives for the Day

8:30 am          Opening Presentations:

                        Paul Davies* (GP)

                        SETI 2.0: Expanding the Search

9:00 am          Penelope Boston* (GP)

                        Astrobiology, Thy Name is Synergy

Chairs:           Mary Lee Jensvold, Lori Marino   

9:30 am           Lori Marino* (GP)      

                        The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Begins on Earth

10:00 am         Claudio Maccone* (GP)

                        Evo-SETI Scale for Exoplanets Hosting Life

10:30 am         Break

10:40 am         Daniel McShea* (WP)

                        Universals in the Evolution of Intelligence

11:00 am         Amedeo Balbi* (WP)

                        A Framework to Address the Spatiotemporal Aspect of SETI

11:20 am         Gregory Berns* (GP)

                        The Brain Ark: Brain Connectome Properties of Terrestrial Intelligence as a Metric for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

11:50 am         Michael P. Oman Reagan* (WP)

                        Conceptualizing Difference in SETI: Xenoanthropological Theory and Methods

12:10 am         Kathryn Denning* (WP)

                        How Humans Matter Now: The Relevance of Anthropology and Archaeology for The New SETI

12:30 pm         Keynote Lecture; Jim Larrik

                        Lessons for SETI from "Alien" Earthlings



Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Coevolution, Intelligence, Consciousness, and Beyond”

 (Who is ET & How to Communicate?)



1:30 pm           Opening Presentation: Steven J. Dick* (GP)

                        Evolving SETI: Expanded Horizons for the 21st Century.

Chairs:           David Grinspoon, Paul Davies                               

2:00 pm           Mary lee Jensvold* (GP)

                        An Ethological Approach to Communication

2:30 pm           Arik Kershenbaum*, T. Bergman, N. Carlson, F. da Cunha, L. Doyle, J. Elliott,    

                        R. Ferrer-i-Cancho, M. Gustison, G. Harp, B. McCowan, S. Semple (WP)

                        What Animal Studies Can Tell Us About Detecting Intelligent Messages from Outside Earth.

2:50 pm           Laura Welcher* (WP)

                        Communication Across Great Gulfs of Time, Distance and Difference: Lessons from The Rosetta Disk.   

3:10 pm           Anamaria Berea* (WP)

                        An Atlas of Communication Evolution Based on a Unified Database of Evidence. 

3:30 pm           Jason Wright (presented by Sofia Sheikh*)  (WP)

                        Taxonomy and Jargon in SETI as an Interdisciplinary Field of Study.

3:50 pm           Jerome Barkow* (WP)

                        Evolution and the Psychology of Extraterrestrials

4:10 pm           Terrence Deacon*

                        Semiotic Universals: Beyond The Radical Translation Problem

4:30 pm           David Grinspoon* (GP)

                        Cognitive Planetary Transitions: An Astrobiological Perspective on the "Sapiezoic Eon”

5:00 pm           John Baross (GP)

                        Microbial Memory and the Dawn of Communication

5:30 pm           Jose Funes*

                        The Spiritual Quest in the SETI Research


6:30-9:00 pm Dinner and Working Groups (SETI Institute)


Friday, March 16, 2018


“Bringing it All Together”



8:00 am           Breakfast

8:20 am           Nathalie A. CabrolGoals and Objectives for the Day       

8:30 am           Working Groups (cont.)

                        WG1: Distribution and Abundance of Intelligence in the Universe

                        WG2: How Does Intelligence Communicate

                        WG3: How to Detect Intelligence

10:00 am         Break

10:15 am         Working Group Presentations

11:15 am         Sherry L. Cady

                        Special Issue of Astrobiology

11:30 am         LUNCH

12:30 pm         Nathalie A. Cabrol

                        SETI: Where do We Go From Here? (II)

12:40 pm         Graham Mackintosh

                        The Anomaly Engine: AI and the Detection of Alien Intelligence    

1:10 pm           James Parr

                        Learnings from NASA FDL:  a Model for a Worldwide SETI Federation.  

1:40 pm           Bill Diamond and Nathalie A. Cabrol

                        Closing Remarks